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Many churches don’t give actually growing a healthy student ministry within the church the attention it deserves.  We believe that investing heavily in the next generation is what builds strong churches in the long run, and the overwhelming majority of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18.  In fact, the likelihood of a student coming to Christ after they gradulate from high school diminishes by 90%.  Many church consulting organizations don’t even consider youth ministry consulting.  We believe it’s critical, and without question one of the greatest places to invest resources, leadership, and love in the life of a church.  These teenagers very quickly become the adults who will lead your church.  Invest in them young, and watch your church grow under their leadership.

Our primary consultant spent a majority of his life doing youth ministry.  It’s still a passion of his, and he loves to help youth pastors build overwhelminigly great student ministries that build fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Adept in student ministries of all kinds and sizes,  Want to give your church a shot in the arm?  There’s nothing more that keeps a church on fire than when their students are passionately in love with Jesus.

We can help you build your leadership teams, help you learn to recruit leaders, teach you how to teach and communicate to students, work on ministry strategies, and discipleship–  and give you an overall strategy for student ministry that is timeless and lasts, no matter how quickly student ministry culture changes.