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“In a season where, as a pastor, I had a consistently overbooked calendar, I recruited John to pour leadership and life into some of my junior pastoral staff members. These men needed help with planning, communicating and leading in their areas of specialty.  John was both proactive and effective with them – understanding how God had wired them, understanding what their boss (me) needed from them, and helping them to no longer be held back behind roadblocks that were hindering them. Perhaps more than anything, John did an amazing job and helping me to understand my staff and was able to counsel me in how to get the most out of them by making sure I was effectively pouring in to them.  We quickly become grateful to God for supplying John during that pivotal season for our church.”

Jeff Lyle.  Pastor, New Bridge Church.  Lawrenceville, GA

“John is a leader of spiritual integrity who ‘gets’ the complexities of student life and ministry. His experience and insight will serve your church’s student ministry well.”

Dan Reiland. Executive Pastor 12 Stone Church

“I met John Lehmberg when I was on staff as the student pastor at a local church in Lawrenceville, GA.  From my church’s puppet ministry and community outreach as a teen, to serving on staff as children & student pastor, I have been in some form of church ministry since I was young.  I have been witness to many different ways of how ministries work together.  Even after being in ministry as long as I have I know that there’s always ways we can grow and learn.

That is where John and his ministry consulting came in. Seeing his passion to reach students for the Lord, it was easy for us to hit it off right from the start.  I could tell that his goal in consulting and coaching me was not to come in and change me, but rather allow me to hone in on my skills and giftings that God has placed in me and show me new and creative ways to use them.  As we met together for coaching weekly, he began giving me perspective on our ministry– the Good, Bad, and In-betweens. He also began giving me ideas and plans that I could implement immediately and others I could began working towards.   The expectation was not for me to follow what he was giving to an exact calculation, but rather to helping me understand my gifting and use it to its fullest.  He allowed me to step out of just looking at the here & now (which can sometimes distract us) and helped me see a bigger picture, seeing that each decision plays a role into the main scheme of any ministry.  As he lead me into these areas, he also came alongside me, willing to tweak certain ideas he had to fit into what worked best for my ministry, coaching me at each stage.  As I grew to know John more and more through our visits, I always looked forward to our meetings and how his Iron would sharpen mine.

Even though I have moved on to a different type of ministry, we have continued to stay in touch. From catching up about my kids, to talking about our love for classic cars, I consider him a true friend. I am thankful for his time investing in my ministry.”

Keith Davis.  Victory 91.5 Radio Atlanta

“John is a great combination of love for Jesus, love for God’s Church, love for youth ministry, love for students, and love for life. I’ve had John as a speaker and consultant for my youth ministry several times. John’s ministry to my teenagers, my leaders, and myself was life changing. John gave my students, my leaders and me 100%. He hung out with my students, hung out with my leaders, hung out with me. He really cares. And although he has successfully done “big” youth ministry, he sees past the bells and whistles and what doesn’t last. He knows its really all about Jesus, His Word, relationships and small groups. He’s so easy to talk to and doesn’t have the “I know it all because I’ve pastored a large youth group” chip on his shoulder that so many others have. He loved my students and my students loved him. But what was more, John’s love and encouragement for me, personally, helped God give me new perspective and vision for youth ministry. It was so great to be able to have someone who was down to earth about youth ministry and had been where I was. The great thing about John was he has successfully gotten to the next level of youth ministry so he could help me understand how to lead my teenagers there. John shared his experience – both the successes and the failures – and it helped me understand how to lead in the circumstances I was in. John is a great speaker, leader and friend. I highly recommend him.”

  • Shawn Franco.  Pastor, Cornerstone AOG Church
“Having John come evaluate my ministry was the best decision I could have made. He not only invested into the ministry, but he invested in to me on a personal level. John has great vision, excellent leadership, and a raw love from Jesus Christ…needless to say, my recommendation is high.”

Aaron Stromen. Youth Pastor, Westside Family Church

“John takes all of my ideas and gives me a directed focus and goal. His gift to me has been putting things in perspective and helping me realize what is most important in youth ministry…yourself (Jesus), your leaders (disciples), then your students (the world).”

Ryan Haworth.  12 Stone Church

“Having John come evaluate my ministry was the best decision I could have made. He not only invested into the ministry, but he invested in to me on a personal level. John has great vision, excellent leadership, and a raw love from Jesus Christ…needless to say, my recommendation is high.

Carol Jones

“John is authentic in life, ministry, and he knows the tensions of people in ministry. He lives and breathes a passion for people, he understands our culture and the rising needs of pastors today. I fully trust his wisdom, his heart, and his humility.”

Chaplain Matthew Burden.  US Army.