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Need a seasoned and effective communicator for your leadership weekend, retreat, camp, or seminar?  John Lehmberg has been speaking to people of all ages for decades.  A seasoned and effective communicator in both youth ministry environments and also with adults, John’s effective and relatable teaching style brings out the best in your people and communicates God’s truth with clarity and purpose. Whether you have a leadership weekend you need an effective communicator for, or a you need a teacher who loves students for you middle school or high school ministry students, John brings an ability to reach into the hearts of whomever he teaches.  Whether you need him to do the ideas generation for the speaking engagement, camp, or retreat, or if you have specific things you would like for him to communicate, you will find him more than capable, approachable, and unique.  He makes every effort as well to connect with the people around him throughout the whole event for follow-up and life on life encounters.