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No matter where your church is, there’s always help.  Some are recovering from very hard times because of staffing, others feel as though they are in a season of stagnation, and some just need an outside set of eyes in order to take the church in a new and living direction.  No matter your church’s situation, Make It Loud can help you understand not only what to do to begin to change your situation, but also to provide the guidance you need to begin to help your church grow again.  

If you look around you, and you don’t see the spiritual development you need in people, or if people are avoiding your church in droves, Make It Loud can help you to begin to realize the vision God has given you for your church once again. Our 5 fold strategy will help you identify the things you need to do to being to rouse your church from its place:

  • Listening.  We listen first.  We’re looking for God’s work in and through you, listening for the vision God has given you, and we’re in search of His own vision for your church.  He’s called you to his work.  We’re listening to hear what your current situation is, so that we have an understanding of what he’s hoping to achieve in and through your church. 
  • Observation and Analysis.  More than listening, we take the time to observe what your ministry is like.  We can be as involved as you would like when it comes to our assessment, from observing worship services to sitting in our staff meetings, committee meetings, and evaluating leadership styles. 
  • Assessment.  Once we have gathered all the information necessary, we will provide you with an assessment of your current situation, hopefully eliminating blind spots and areas of attention that are hindering your church’s work and effectiveness.
  • Strategy.  Once our assessment is complete, we will provide you with a strategy that you and/or you and your staff can implement to begin to change your situation, and to begin to point your ministry in a path of growth.
  • Coaching.  Many of our clients prefer not only to have the information necessary to begin to change their church’s or ministry’s situation, but want ongoing accountability and leadership development that will change the DNA and culture of their church long-term.  This can be done through strategy coaching sessions in person, by phone, or over video conferencing technology.  We’ll help you know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to go about it in the days ahead.

In addition to having served for decades in full time ministry, our Owner, John Lehmberg has also been a small business owner for decades as well, so he understands the tensions and challenges of not just church leadership but also business management and ownership.