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A Generation is stirring, straining to hear a
deeply meaningful word for their souls.  
It is almost imperceivable above the noise. 

Make it Loud.


Not satisfied with the direction of your church?   Need some new direction for your team?  With more than 25 years in ministry expeirence, and in churches of all sizes, we can help.


We love middle and high school students.  Let us help you reach them and to build your youth ministry leadership team.


Need more than a workshop or consulting, and need accountability for the goals you have set out for ministry?  We can help you make the most of your situation, whether personal coaching or professional.

MINISTRY CONSULTING| Call Today.  404.483.2513

Because sometimes, you just need a second set of eyes.


Need your ministry team to work better together?  Our team building exercises help teams connect quickly, and also help them work together in more connected fashion.


Need a speaker for a church, leadership event or a retreat?  John is adept at speaking to both adults and students, from Middle School on up.


One pastor to another, pastors need pastoring as well.  If there are issues that you need to work through, we can provide biblical pastoral counseling for you or someone on your staff.


One pastor to another, pastors need pastoring as well.  If there are issues that you need to work through, we can provide biblical pastoral counseling for you or someone on your staff.



Sometimes You Just Need Anoter Set of Eyes.

Ministry isn’t easy.  Anyone who tells you it is, is likely not engaged with it the way they should be–  and it’s easy to get lost in it.  Mired in the complexity of miniistry relationships around you, managing people with skill sets, expecations, and then on top if it all, helping your church grow healthy can be overwhelming.  There are no road maps for your situation, although it’s always helpful to glean from some who have been there.

That’s where Make It Loud comes in.

If you’re stuck, mired, discouraged, if the vision God has given you for your church doesn’t meet the reality of your experience with it, if you’re praying for help– or just need a fresh set of eyes on your ministry to help your church grow from it’s current place, then we can help. The size of your church doesn’t matter–  we’ve served in churches as small as house churches and as large as one of the fastest growing mega-churches in the nation.  No matter where your church may be, we can help.  We’ve also served in youth ministry for decades–  so if your student ministry needs help, we’re just as adept at working with middle and high school students as we are adults.

It doesn’t cost anything to call and pick up the phone, to talk for a few minutes about your situation, and to see if we’re a good fit to help you in your situation. Feel free to reach out to us any time.  404.483.2513.



Never Walk Alone.

Statistically speaking, pastors consistently score as some of the lonliest people on Planet Earth.  They give, and give, and give–  as they should, and at the same time, find very few who care for them.  In fact, the very thing that God uses them to create to sustain the spiritual well being of His people, the pastor themselves rarely are able to “take” from. 

Often times there are personal issue that need to be worked through, and quite honestly, only another pastor would understand.  

Make It Loud provides pastoral counseling for men who need guidance, to work through personal issues in a safe and private environment.  Many times, these are the very issues that keep a church from growing–  and helping to move a pastor through these things can not only significantly help the pastor himself–  but as he is freed up personally, his work in the church becomes more fluid and effective. 

If you prefer professional coaching for ministry purposes, it is also available to help any pastor stay on track  and to take new ground in his ministry goals.


We’re always happy to reach back to help.

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